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Pregnancy - salutary gravidity - The Holistic Way

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Pregnancy is the time when every woman cherishes her womanhood and her exclusive potential to give birth. Experiences of pregnancy are treasured for a lifetime and favorably ruminated over too.

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So how does one make this privileged phase of life even more exceptional and special? The prime and uppermost concern turning nearby in the mind of any mother-to-be is singularly, with regard to her yet-to-be born baby. The health of the baby, weight of the baby, whether the delivery would be normal and so on is the usual run of the mill worry while pregnancy.

Only a wholesome mom can give birth to a wholesome baby, but pregnancy is the time when even the robust of women are indisposed with some health complaint or the other. In increasing to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and quarterly exercise, what every pregnant women needs is a stress buster technique.

Pregnancy by itself is a huge stress on the woman's body and mind. When the new mom is already in a stressful job or stressful life situations or maybe even going straight through a personal or financial crisis, this added stress of pregnancy becomes too much to handle.

Research shows that inordinate stress can not only lead to miscarriages and pre term deliveries, but also can cause low birth weight in the babies. Babies born to stressed out mothers are prone to manufacture more serious medical conditions like Schizophrenia in later life.

The physical stress of pregnancy shows its effect on the connective tissues in normal and the pelvic muscles, lower spine and pelvic joint in particular.

Pains, aches and fatigue become a common feature, limiting movement and also well needed sleep. Flexibility is the mantra to an easy pregnancy, plane child birth and trouble free puerperium or post natal period.

Despite the fact that every pregnant mom knows the advantage of exercises, fatigue and various physical discomforts can verily cause an ebbing of stamina and will power to effect a quarterly workout regime.

Yoga is a holistic way of life, with emphasis on synchronization of body, mind and soul. There are various branches of Yoga like, Pranayama or the breathing exercises, Mudras or the hand postures and Hatha yoga or the physical exercises. The beauty of this overwhelming science is in its simplicity. Pranayamas can be done by whatever in the world and can be calibrated agreeing to the stamina of the practitioner.

Numerous benefits of Yoga while Pregnancy

1. Safe and convenient while pregnancy
2. Soothes body, mind and soul.
3. Can be done verily even while developed pregnancy.
4. Reduces stress.
5. Relaxes muscles and tissues.
6. Growth blood flow and optimizes circulation.
7. Boosts the stamina and vigor levels.
8. Improves digestion.
9. Reduces Flatulence, nausea, acidity and other digestive complaints commonly associated with pregnancy.
10. Easy to learn and straightforward exercises.
11. Increases the lung capacity and oxygenates the blood.
12. Keeps the skin wholesome and glowing.
13. Induces normal and refreshing sleep.
14. Yoga nidra- which is verily a deep state of freedom of the body energizes the body and refreshes the body in lesser time when compared to lowly sleep.
15. Rejuvenates and replenishes the body, mind and soul.
16. Slows down the aging process and gives a longer span of life. Makes the mom wholesome and thereby helps in having a wholesome baby.

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